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Bagging is one of the most common methods of refining newspapers, magazines, brochures etc., known in the art of printing.

It is an excellent form of securing and protecting a product. Apart from purely technical advantages, the surface becomes more exclusive. By means of this service we can combine a couple of products into an attractive pack or kit.

Bagging products aims at protecting a given product, aesthetic packaging and combining two or more products.
We render services within:
Traditional bagging on corner sealers into PE foil, PP, polyolefin

We carry out bagging to A3 format, into various kinds of securing foils /polyethylene - PE, polypropylene - PP and heat-shrink - PVC, PE, polyolefin/ of the following products:

  • magazines,
  • brochures,
  • books,
  • gadgets,
  • promotional and advertising materials etc.

Bagging with the Flow Pack method
Horizontal-vertical flow pack. Compact packaging of products with a polyethylene or polypropylene foil. The machine makes it possible to pack the object quickly. The packaging is tight, aesthetic and durable.

Bagging with a heat-shrink foil
The method makes it possible to thoroughly shrink a heat-shrink foil on a product being packaged. The heating tunnel we use is equipped with resistance heaters and an air circulation system, which results in tight and aesthetic shrinking of the foil on a product.