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Direct mail service

The UNOBRAND Company offers to conduct comprehensive direct mail campaigns. It is the type of advertising activity that is addressed directly to an individual Client. We prepare ready-made mail items that will be delivered to the post-boxes of potential recipients of your services.

We also print flyers, brochures, folders, printed forms as well as envelopes and letterhead paper. Nowadays, in the age of mass information transmission via electronic channels, we are observing an increased importance of a traditional transmission medium - the hard copy. Direct mail is found to be more effective than electronic mail, text messages or online marketing.

What are the advantages of that solution?

  • the Client will not ignore a paper letter as they may ignore a promotional e-mail message;
  • by attaching a participation form, a free gift or a scratchcard to the mail item, the effectiveness of our campaign can be increased by involving the Client in a contest or game;
  • personalization of promotional matter allows for development of positive relations with the Client;
  • a piece of advertising in a mail item engages the recipient's attention in one hundred per cent and is memorised more effectively than one in the virtual form;
  • direct mail represents a perfect complement of an online campaign. Numerous Clients of, e.g., Internet shops, still prefer to receive hard copy information about an offer;
  • You can order from our Company any materials that may be sent out using the form of promotion of your brand or services as described herein.