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Distribution of leaflets

It consists in delivering advertising materials to all households in a given area. The most frequently distributed materials include promotional leaflets and commercial brochures. The distribution area can be a city, an estate, a sector, as well as communal towns.
We have a database which makes it possible to specify the real number of flats within the distribution area. Our database is updated every 6 months. Thanks to our database, it is possible to selectively reach, in terms of the type of development, only to single-family houses.

This enables you to lower costs of distribution and better use the circulation of the advertising material, and we are able to calculate the price more reliably.

Ways of distribution

Flats in blocks:

  • under the door
  • on the doormat
  • on the handle
  • rubber band sown to the leaflet
  • on the handle – in a foil bag
  • on the handle – leaflet with a grip

Single-family houses:

  • to the mailbox
  • on a fence or gate
  • rubber band sown to the leaflet
  • in a foil bag
  • leaflet with a grip