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Document shredding including sensitive data protection

If your company manages a large number of letters comprising personal data and other valuable information relating to individuals, you may find it necessary to use the service of professional document destruction. This is because after expiration of the archiving period all useless letters should be adequately utilized so as no sensitive data could be used unlawfully.

The UNOBRAND Company will take over all the duties related to safe destruction of such documents and paper utilization. We work in compliance with the highest secrecy category according to DIN 66399 standard. Paper is utilized in an environment-friendly manner in conformity with the Polish legal requirements and the European Union standards.  Within the framework of the service, we also take away the waste-paper designed for utilization.

The UNOBRAND Company destroys documents with the use of special machines adapted to being fed with large amounts of waste-paper.  The machines ensure complete illegibility of the processed materials. Paper designed for utilization is stored in special sealed containers. When the service has been performed, a destruction report is made for non-archivable documentation.  At the Client's request, the utilization process can also be filmed.

Thanks to the use of the services provided by the UNOBRAND Company you can safely dispose of any waste-paper by having it utilized without compromising any data confidentiality. You lose no time and energy for shredding the waste-paper on your own in office shredders that are not adapted to large amounts of paper.