Unobrand | ul. Jagiellońska 88 | 02-678 Warszawa

Printing Services

Our company also offers you a number of different and unusual printing services guaranteeing the quality, reliability and competitive prices. With our vast experience and quality of modern equipment we are able to do every job - but we accept the simple principle that we make things easy on the hand, and miracles, unfortunately, we need a little more time.

The company UNOBRAND  offers the following services:

  • Design (brochures, folders, leaflets, posters, billboards, brochures, advertising materials, packaging, etc.).
  • Graphic composition
  • Large format prints
  • Printing: Rolled, UV offset printing, solvent printing, screen printing, convex, concave, etc.
  • We design and manufacture various types of packaging (boxes, cartons, cosmetics, etc.).
  • Packaging CD, DVD
  • Foil packaging (printing on foil, plastic bags with print)
  • Laser cutting hardcover paper
  • Photobooks, calendars, etc.

We also carry out orders from customers "imaginative", where other companies are not able to undertake the complex task we will try to meet him. If you have any questions feel free to fill out the contact form.