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Sampling service

Sampling is providing potential clients with samples of goods. Samples are usually given out in clients’ homes. This is a way of non-address distribution. When using sampling to consumers’ houses it should be remembered that the samples must be protected against destruction by animals. For better overtones of the campaign, distributors should be wearing promotional outfits. After finished work, a report is filled in describing a number of samples given out, features of people using the promotion and their opinions. It is also possible to survey consumers at the same time. We ensure reporting of the course of the campaign in a breakdown into individual days.

Inspection of non-address distribution

In order to ensure top quality services, we have developed a set of inspection procedures. The procedures are used when carrying out each order and towards all couriers working for us. We have adopted a rule of individual responsibility of each employee for their work. In order to verify the couriers’ work we use procedures of internal inspection, i.e. carried out by our employees. The aim of internal inspection is to detect any shortcomings and correct them immediately. Inspection in the office is carried out upon collecting delivery forms from distributors, where any work carried out is described. Internal inspection in the field takes place a few hours after distributors start working.

Objective evaluation of the quality of distribution is based on a joint inspection carried out by representatives of the Employer and the Contractor and is called an external inspection. In order to carry out external (joint) inspection, an inspection form is used, which is a questionnaire used to survey people residing in the area of distribution. Two-person teams, consisting of the Employer’s employee and an employee of our company, visit sectors specified by the Employer and survey residents.

Quality and guarantee of delivery of non-address distribution

We guarantee 90% confirmation of reception of leaflets by residents evaluated through an external inspection. In case of a lower level of confirmation of reception of leaflets, we offer financial discounts, agreed each time in the order.